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Power Integrity Assessment and Optimization in the Frequency Domain

Presented by S.M. Sandler – Picotest

Power Integrity (PI) has become the weak link in RF, Microwave, High-Speed Digital and Analog circuits.  Often the most significant contributor to phase noise (and jitter), SNR (and ENOB) and EMI, engineers are increasingly pressured to evaluate the Power Distribution Network (PDN), which includes the power supply (or supplies), power planes, decoupling capacitors, ferrite beads and inductors.

This PI assessment requires accurate measurement, at the component level, to support simulation models and at the assembled level for system level performance verification and optimization. 

Since many of these components require precise milliOhm, or even sub-milliOhm measurement, an instrument with incredible dynamic range and an exceptionally low noise floor is required.   The RF VNA, using the 2-port shunt through technique, offers these traits.  

In this session, the author will present an impedance-based approach to PI assessment that supports the measurement of individual components as well as complete PDN’s.  The assessment includes the stability of the power supply control loops, and the connectivity options from fixtures to probes and everything in between.